Youngest America’s Got Talent Comedian | Nathan Bockstahler | Full Audition & Performances

Meet Nathan Bockstahler, the youngest comedian to grace the stage of America’s Got Talent, captivating audiences with his infectious humor and charm. In his full audition and subsequent performances, this pint-sized comedian proves that age is no barrier to big laughs.

With wit beyond his years, Nathan delivers a series of hilarious jokes and anecdotes that leave both judges and viewers in stitches. From clever observations to playful banter, his comedic timing is impeccable, earning him resounding applause and cheers of admiration.

As Nathan fearlessly takes on the spotlight, his confidence shines through, drawing the audience into his world of laughter and delight. With each performance, he proves himself to be a comedic force to be reckoned with, leaving a lasting impression on the stage of America’s Got Talent.

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