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Remember those childhood dreams of what you’d become when you grew up? Some kids dreamed of being doctors or dancers, while others aspired to be veterinarians or nurses. Children’s boundless imaginations often lead to hope, and happiness follows like a breath of fresh air. Whether they’re ambitious or laid-back, children add an extra dash of charisma to life. Not every child imagines their future in a distant land, but one girl from the Czech Republic did. What did she risk?

11-year-old Lara H. dared to traverse great distances to chase her dreams. Once dreaming of becoming a singer, Lara and her family embarked on a journey to shape her destiny. Taking the stage on “The Voice Children,” one might mistake Lara for a seasoned pro with her remarkable voice and stage presence.

Later revealing to the judges that she had received professional training at a young age, attending a music school in Nashville, Tennessee, Lara left viewers stunned in the most positive way. It’s easy to imagine that this young girl is destined for the big stage in the future. Watching her mother, father, and brother backstage, one could sense the anticipation and joy they’ve long awaited. Not only did the young star impress the judges with her rendition of “Shake it Off,” but she also stole their hearts.

Wearing her confidence and talent like a badge of honor on stage, Lara left a lasting impression with her spirited performance of “Shake it Off,” moving the audience to tears of joy. Even accommodating the judges by singing the song with them, Lara exuded grace and poise beyond her years.

“I’d be better, I’d be happier, I’d be ‘you need me.’ I think we understand each other perfectly,” remarked Lena Meyer-Landrut. “I don’t think I can express what just happened. I believe we’re a perfect match musically. I just wish you’d choose to be on my team, Lara. It would be a great honor,” she added. Other judges also shared encouraging words for the budding star.

“I see that the Czech Republic has a rich and influential culture, history, and music education. We’d be thrilled to have an international star on our team,” said Michi Beck.

Upon learning that some judges didn’t want her on their team, Lara ultimately chose judge and singer Lena Meyer-Landrut. Announcing her decision, Meyer-Landrut smiled and turned to her new protégé.

“Yes, yes! I’m so happy, so grateful. You did an amazing job, Lara,” she exclaimed. “I’m over the moon. It’s indescribable,” Lara replied as they joyfully exited the stage. Seeing that Meyer-Landrut sings in English just like Lara, it became clear from that moment that they could be the perfect match.

With the competition kicking off in March 2022, we’ll have to wait until the end of “The Voice Children” to see what awaits Lara at the tournament’s conclusion.

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