CONTRAST couples!

When Elisabeth, a 34-year-old lawyer, bravely ventured into the world of OkCupid in May 2014, her optimism was cautiously guarded. Online dating poses its challenges for anyone, but for women navigating the realm of plus-size, it can feel like an uphill battle. Yet, when her law school friend, embarking on post-divorce dating, rallied Elisabeth and two other former bridesmaids to join in solidarity, she decided to approach it with a bold twist.

Determined to defy the norms, Elisabeth crafted what she affectionately dubbed as “the single most obnoxious version” of herself for her profile. Despite years of meticulously refining her online persona to no avail, she chose authenticity over conformity. Her profile boldly showcased her alongside her feline companion, with candid admissions of her imperfections and unapologetic embrace of her body size. Elisabeth proudly wears sizes ranging from XL to 2XL in dresses and size 16 to 20 in pants, refusing to shy away from her truth.

Reflecting on the challenges faced by plus-size women in the online dating arena, Elisabeth shared, “There’s this constant struggle with photos—you’re tempted to present an idealized version. But the reality hits when you meet in person; there’s no hiding then.”

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