Watch As Rod Stewart Shares A Wholesome Performance With His Singer Daughter On Stage

In the illustrious realm of rock and roll, there’s a saying: like father, like son. Yet, in the case of Rod Stewart, it’s his daughter, Ruby Stewart, who shines as a radiant star in her own right.

Renowned for his iconic music and expansive family, Rod Stewart’s lineage includes eight children, among whom Ruby Stewart stands out. Born during Rod’s relationship with model Kelly Emberg from 1983 to 1990, Ruby’s early introduction to the spotlight came at the tender age of seven, when she joined her father in performing “Sweet Little Rock and Roller.” Despite receiving a record deal offer at thirteen, her parents wisely felt she was too young, prompting Ruby to explore modeling before fully embracing her musical talents within bands.

Fast forward to 2010, and Ruby co-founded Revoltaire, a band based in LA. Her musical journey continued to unfold, culminating in 2012 when she lent her captivating voice to the English rendition of “Whatever Lola Wants” for a Pepsi advertisement. A significant milestone arrived in 2016 when Ruby joined forces with Alyssa Bonagura to create The Sisterhood Band. Their collaboration led to a memorable rendition of “Forever Young” alongside Sir Rod himself at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena in 2018. The harmonious blend of Ruby’s and Rod’s voices during the chorus showcased their natural vocal chemistry, elevating the performance to a truly enchanting level.

The captivating performance was further enhanced by a dynamic drumming segment and Celtic influences, setting the stage for Sir Rod and The Sisterhood’s triumphant return. Following the performance, a review by The Tennessean praised the synchronized drummers, hailed Stewart as a living legend, and commended the father-daughter duo’s undeniable talent. This wasn’t the first time Rod and Ruby shared the stage, as evidenced by a special pandemic-era moment when they connected with fans through an Instagram live broadcast, solidifying their bond through the timeless language of music.

Interestingly, “Forever Young” holds a poignant backstory tied to both Rod Stewart and Bob Dylan, with Stewart’s rendition serving as a heartfelt tribute to his children. In recent years, Ruby has embarked on a solo career, embarking on a new chapter in her life with her engagement to Jake Kalick and the birth of their son, Otis Stewart Kalick, in May 2023. As Ruby’s journey continues to unfold, her undeniable talent and legacy as part of Rod Stewart’s lineage promise an exciting future filled with captivating musical endeavors.


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