Elvis is back. He sings and looks like him, the judges were left stunned. This teenager has the best audition

Dakota Striplin makes a memorable impression on “The Voice” with his bold assertion that he is the grandson of the legendary Elvis Presley. On the show, he delivers a captivating rendition of “Love Me Tender,” reminding both the judges and the audience of his supposed lineage with every note.

From the moment Dakota starts playing his guitar and singing, everyone in the room is entranced. One judge, visibly moved, quickly spins around in her chair, placing her hand over her heart. Another judge, equally spellbound, exclaims, “I need to see what’s happening here,” and flips their chair in agreement. Dakota’s vocal and instrumental prowess leaves the judges in awe as he finishes the song.

Intrigued by his song choice and the story behind it, the judges ask Dakota for more details. He shares that Elvis Presley has been a significant influence on him, and he recounts how his grandmother loved attending Elvis’s concerts. This leads the judges to playfully speculate about his potential connection to the King, sparking laughter due to their shared interests.

As Dakota delves deeper into his family history, he reveals an enigmatic past. While his father remains silent on the matter, his grandmother, who is closely tied to Elvis’s legacy, plays a crucial role in the story. Her claim is bolstered by the fact that she was present during Elvis’s Hawaii concerts and was deeply affected by his death, adding more intrigue to the narrative.

Despite DNA evidence casting some doubt on Dakota’s claim, his story and talent still invite viewers to explore and form their own opinions.

Watch the complete video:

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